The Habematolel Tribe constantly strives to engage our sister sovereigns in mutual respect, cooperation and transparency—whether those sister sovereigns are the federal government, state and local governments or other tribal governments. Since regaining our modern constitution, the Tribe has participated in multiple memoranda of agreement or understanding with many different sovereigns to meet these goals. The Tribe is committed to using these types of agreements to promote understanding and goodwill in any area where the Tribe’s interests and those of other sovereigns overlap.

HPUL-NSFPD MOU Wildfire Prevention and Mitigation 2021
Third Amendment to the Joint Powers Agreement Creating the Lake County Community Risk Reductions Authority 2021
Lake County Sheriff Memorandum of Understanding 2019
New Mexico E-commerce Memorandum of Understanding 2019
North Shore Fire Memorandum of Understanding 2018
Lake County Cultural Protections Memorandum of Understanding 2015
New Mexico Lending Memorandum of Understanding 2014
Lake County Acquisition Mitigation Memorandum of Understanding 2006
North Shore Fire Memorandum of Understanding 2006